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Buffer share integration widget. Share to popular social media sites with Buffer.


This will add a Buffer share button to your site wherever you want it via the Layout Editor.

Buffer offers the ability for members to click to share content from throughout your site and store it in their Buffer. Then they can set it to post whenever they want, including posting immediately. With this, they won’t bombard their followers/friends with post after post but can instead spread it out. Webmasters can use this tool to automatically share their sales, blogs, whatever content they want and set it to post any time, any day they want – a nice set and forget feature to have your site content shared to followers at set intervals.

The url shortening feature is a big plus due to Facebook’s and Twitter’s policies regarding spam and their blocks on some sites already for that. If you have a large site, and members are sharing the same links, well it can look like spam if not shortened. This can help protect you from looking like your site is spamming.

Buffer has an analytics feature as well so you can see how many clicks your posts have, for your own buffer account. Each member can look at their Buffer analytics and see how well their posts are doing. This could be very handy for sales, magazines, etc as you can get an idea of how many are actually looking at your Tweets.

Buffer has free accounts as well as upgraded accounts. You can decide what you want and your members can decide what they want. This add on only provides the integration into your site. You and your members are responsible for your own Buffer accounts. For businesses, they can set up Team accounts as well. This does require members to log in to their Buffer account to authorize the sharing just like they have to do with the other default share buttons.

More info about http://bufferapp.com/about/#what-is-buffer buffer is at that link.

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